How much food should I order?

While providing food to our customers is our business and we would like to be successful at it, we don’t like to see waste as it reduces the “value for money” experience for our customers.
There are a few factors you should consider when judging the amount of food you need.

1. Is your event crossing a meal time? EG lunch or tea. If it is, then your guest will expect to be fed accordingly. On the other hand if for example its a nighttime party then your guests will just need some finger food with their drinks and won’t be too bothered how much they get.

2. How many guests do you expect?
If it’s a small party, for example 20-30 people mainly family and close friends then you can count on all of those people showing up, so order for the amount you have invited. However, if you expect a hundred or so people our experience is that the margin of error is quite high. We would usually recommend order for approximately 60%. If the numbers don’t show you won’t have any waste and if they do the food will stretch.

3. What time should the food arrive?
Well if it’s a lunch or a teatime event then it’s your call. Order for the time you expect to sit. If it’s a late party such as a 21st, 30th, 40th etc we recommend around 10:30 PM to give everyone a chance to arrive and anyway most people like to have a few drinks before they tuck in. In any case, the containers we use will keep the food piping hot for hours.